The Spongebob Musical

The Spongebob Musical was the spring production for the 2021-22 season. This was the first production to feel normal since the beginning of covid. This set consisted of three main platforms. The center stage platform included an eleven degree compound rake and a flat to match. The taller sections SL and SR platforms were wooden platforming being structurally supported fully by 1 1/2" steel pipe leaning at different angles.

The most time consuming and difficult detail on this set was all of the coral on the SL and SR platforms. These coral structures consisted of a chicken wire mesh and covered in paper products such as plates, napkins, cups, and sheets of construction paper rolled into funnels. Constructing the coral took several weeks and significant prep work, but the final product worked perfectly.

Directed by Mia Self

Scenic Design — Jayme Mellema

Costume, Hair & Makeup — Laura J. Parker

Lighting & Sound — Patrick Mathis

Projection — Joshua Reaves

Technical Direction — David Jensen