Howl-O-Scream was the first event I was involved in at Busch Gardens. For this event I was involved in many different parts of the event. One of these elements I was involved in was the construction of many different elements that went into the park, including the Howlers, the Frenzy Bus, and the Motel Hell billboard. I was also involved in refurbishing all seven of the haunted houses and installation into the park of all of the elements. During the run of the event, I had the honor to be a house technical manager for one of the houses, Zombie Containment Unit 15. The duties involved in this were setting up the house each day to make it ready for guests, running the lighting, audio, and effects in the house, maintaining the integrity of the house throughout the run, repairing any elements, and maintaining the safety of the actors and the guests while in and around the house. This house was the busiest and most dangerous house to be in charge of during the event, this is because the house had a lasertag element to it and the guests were given a "Zombie Eradication Device" as they walked through the house. I was also involved in moving different elements into the guest areas of the park and removing them at the end of each night.