Taking Steps

Taking Steps proved to be one of my hardest challenges I have faced as a technician and a rigger. This show consisted of a platform with 5 free standing doors, a fully realized steel staircase, and a stage covered in distressed carpet. The show to build was not too tricky to build, primarily the steel frame staircase. When loading in, the staircase quickly became a larger problem than the TD had realized it would be. The staircase broke into 5 pieces, 3 landings and 2 stair units, each ending up being rigged seperately. Each section was made out of steel and many layers of wood and weighed roughly 600lbs each. Solid core wooden doors and sconces to add to it. To top it all off, each piece was hand lifted 20-30 feet in the air and dead hung to the grid. The carpet on the stage was laid by hand and distressed to the designers specifications. Overall, this show lead to ALOT of exhausting hours doing grid work, barely being able to lift heavy scenery, but it turned out beautifully.

Scenic Designer: Jason Sherwood